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Mutant Magazine

Calling the banners - Recruiting Artists & Writers



25 issues have passed of the third volume of Mutant Magazine and I am feeling the itch for more. Just covers won’t do anymore. It is high time we return to full magazine a month. For this I am calling any and all X-Men fans with a bit of creativity in their minds. If you like to write, if you like to photoshop, if you just like to share ideas, you will be welcome. 

The full magazine (22 pages) has the following: 

  • Cover + Cover Article (2 pages article, 1 page cover) *
  • 5 Fake Ads per issue *
  • Horoscope (1-2 pages)
  • Mojo TV Guide (1-2 pages)*
  • Character Columns (4 columns, 4-5 pages)
  • Fashion Advice Dos/Donts (1 Pages)
  • Top Ten Something Something (1 page)
  • Micro News (1 Page)
  • Panel of Experts - Examining one current event (1 Page)*
  • Backcover

The ones strikedthrough are the ones I want to do. The ones with asterisks are ones that would be rotating/collaborations between many and I have no problem being a part of them. As you can see there are many open positions. A Closed Facebook Group will be created to work as Headquarters, where we can share ideas, go back and forth easily and fast and maybe have weekly meeting to talk about the issue or something. It’s a full magazine per month. Basically you will be required to contribute your piece on a monthly basis. This is just for fun, to let the creative juices flow and bring a laugh or two to the X-Readers, which they sorely need between the rumours of cancellation and the gross mischaracterization in most X-Books right now. So if you want to be a part of the Mutant Magazine team send an Ask or contact us through our social networks. 

With the Guardians of the Galaxy coming fast there was no way we weren’t going to have a crossover of sorts. 

This issue’s cover was created by pryce14 head over to his deviantart to find his amazing work!

The Avengers read Mutant Magazine

And we finally bring an end to the Iceman/Disney Princess/Frosted storyline. I want to thank the Academy, everyone involved and of course Mojo Inc.