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Mutant Magazine

Issue 2 of Mutant Magazine is just around the corner! Here’s a little advertisement from our Mojo Overlord as a sneak preview! In the meantime re-read the first issue

MojoTV Guide - Mutant Magazine v4 #1 

Anatomy of a Mutant Magazine Cover - Edits by comicbookparody

read the full issue of Mutant Magazine v4 #1 at HERE (deviantart) or HERE (Scribd) 

We’re live at last! First FULL ISSUE of Mutant Magazine available!!! Click HERE (Scribd) or HERE (deviantart) to read online or download. Lots of columns, articles and stuff to make you laugh and pass the time. Enjoy!!! 

With the Guardians of the Galaxy coming fast there was no way we weren’t going to have a crossover of sorts. 

This issue’s cover was created by pryce14 head over to his deviantart to find his amazing work!

The Avengers read Mutant Magazine

And we finally bring an end to the Iceman/Disney Princess/Frosted storyline. I want to thank the Academy, everyone involved and of course Mojo Inc.