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Mutant Magazine

Our Sponsors for the FIRST ISSUE of Mutant Magazine.

Remember you can still read that issue by clicking here

Halloween is just around the corner, and so is the next full issue of 
Mutant Magazine!!! Are you going to miss it?

Storm just got notified Mutant Magazine came out! What are you waiting for? Read the Full Issues! 


Mutants at the Movies: Sex Tape -
Starring Abigail Brand & Hank McCoy

An interview I did for X-Men parody magazine - Mutant Magazine #2.
Featuring Abigail Brand, Hank McCoy and an assortment of other Marvel characters starring in the Marvel Universe’s version of the film Sex Tape.

You can read the full issue of Mutant Magazine #2 on deviantart.
Or visit Mutant Magazine’s tumblr page for back issues.
You can also follow if you want to know when the next issue is out.

Mutant Magazine parodies the X-Men and Marvel Universe with columns, ads, articles, interviews, Mojo TV listings and more.

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A little preview on the CONTENTS of this month’s issue of Mutant Magazine. Remember to FOLLOW THE LINK for the full issue! 

Mutant Magazine Issue #2 has been released! Find it exclusively at DeviantArt, you can download it or read it online in handy .pdf format! Follow the link for the FULL ISSUE!

Issue 2 of Mutant Magazine is just around the corner! Here’s a little advertisement from our Mojo Overlord as a sneak preview! In the meantime re-read the first issue

MojoTV Guide - Mutant Magazine v4 #1 

Anatomy of a Mutant Magazine Cover - Edits by comicbookparody

read the full issue of Mutant Magazine v4 #1 at HERE (deviantart) or HERE (Scribd) 

We’re live at last! First FULL ISSUE of Mutant Magazine available!!! Click HERE (Scribd) or HERE (deviantart) to read online or download. Lots of columns, articles and stuff to make you laugh and pass the time. Enjoy!!! 

With the Guardians of the Galaxy coming fast there was no way we weren’t going to have a crossover of sorts.